Hercules Ex UV LED Handheld


Designed upon request of the military, Hercules is the most durable and shockproof UV light in the world today, suitable for any “heavy duty” environment. Accidentally Dropped it, kicked it, run it over by a tank, baked it in an oven? – it will still work! – The battery is inside the light, you don’t need to worry it got smashed like ordinary lights. In a tough environment such as non-destructive testing, you want the best NDT equipment possible to avoid disruptions. Four years after its introduction to market, Hercules Ex has a track record of ZERO failed LEDs.

Product Overview

Battery time          3 hours / battery set
Warranty                2 Years
Weight                    3.7lbs (1.7 kg)

Hercules Ex ATEX certification number is ITS17ATEX402144X.

Hercules EX explosion proof UV light
What is included with Hercules EX
Charges without removing batteries
Charging without removing batteries
ON/OFF switch
Check IECEx website for authenticity
4 year warranty

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Product Name

Hercules EX 




4 000 µW/cm2 

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Rechargeable batteries 

Battery run time

3 hrs 

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Hercules EX Flyer 

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