Aris ALS Kit


The Aris Crime Kit is a cordless battery-operated handheld kit for CSI and Forensic analysis. It consists of four high intensity alternate forensic LED light sources for crime scene investigation and forensic laboratory use. Extremely light and can be carried in a belt holster like your duty gun.

Product Overview

Battery time          2:15 – 4:10 hours / battery set
Warranty                5 Years
Weight                    1.7lbs (780 grams)

Labino offers the Aris lights as a full kit with all four lights ( PN: L117) or as single kits with only one colored light included. The wavelengths available are: Blue 455 nm, Green 530 nm, Amber 590 nm and UV 365 nm.  Available with the best warranty terms in the industry.

MB Aris kit.2
MB Aris Royal blue kit
5 Years Warranty
MB Aris Green kit
MB Aris Amber kit
Camera filters and frames
MB Hercules Ex 3
MB Hercules Ex 7

Available options

Article #





Product Name

Aris Crime Kit (full kit - 4 lights) 

Aris SINGLE 590 (kit with 1 Amber light) 

Aris SINGLE 530 (kit with 1 Green light) 

Aris SINGLE 455 (kit with 1 Blue light) 


365nm, 590nm, 530nm, 455nm 





4 000 µW/cm2 (UV-365nm) 

2 000 µW/cm2 

4 000 µW/cm2 

8 000 µW/cm2 

Output (lumens)

N/A (UV) 

440 lm 

660 lm 

210 lm 

Powered by

Rechargeable batteries 

Rechargeable batteries 

Rechargeable batteries 

Rechargeable batteries 

Battery run time

3:10 h, 4:10h, 2:45h, 2:15h 

4:10 hours / battery set 

2:45 hours / battery set 

2:15 hours / battery set 

Download pdf

Aris Flyer 

Aris Flyer 

Aris Flyer 

Aris Flyer 

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